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Pascal d’Hoeraene

Image Sniper. Pascal is a director and when he shoots it is always Bulls eye! Resulting from his 10-years experience as a fashion photographer. He has also acquired experience in production and in advertising, allowing him to see a project through multiple angles and to apply a different solution to any problem that needs to […]

Telecom ParisTech signed for Living Actor™

    Telecom ParisTech signed for Living Actor™ Army Of Frogs has recommended and settled an Intelligent Virtual Agent into the website of Telecom ParisTech, to facilitate dialogs with students searching information regarding all matters that will influence their choices for the school. Working with Cantoche Production since the last 10 years, we recommend Living […]


  PopMarker is an international provider of in-image ad placement and delivery technology. Its Interactive In-Image Advertising Platform is geared for publishers and advertising agencies. The company’s vision is to become a leading provider of global in-image advertising SaaS platform. PopMarker’s SaaS technology enable publishers and ad agencies to scale up their advertising business literally […]


A world-leader in the design, production and deployment of intelligent avatars. Army Of Frogs uses the technology to provide a face for your brand and a more human experience when your customers need to interact with you on line. From technical support to navigating an e-commerce site with a personal guide, you can now have […]

Show the fight

All over the planet, we capture insights, words, images, emotions and all we kill is bad ideas

Entropic Group

    Customer loyalty is highly increased by the creation of social ties between physical persons, both online and offline. Our partner Entropic Group is a software editor, focused on the design, production and promotion of tailored business social networks. Its platform Social Cameleon™ is a unique web and mobile framework. Entropic is recognized for […]