PopMarker is an international provider of in-image ad placement and delivery technology. Its Interactive In-Image Advertising Platform is geared for publishers and advertising agencies. The company’s vision is to become a leading provider of global in-image advertising SaaS platform.

PopMarker’s SaaS technology enable publishers and ad agencies to scale up their advertising business literally from zero to hundreds of active campaigns almost overnight.

The PopMarker technology also resolves advertisers’ uncertainty about the Viewability of their ads, by providing this data during the campaign run. Publishers and advertisers have complete control of both the level of Viewability and level of Intrusiveness of their ads.

PopMarker’s technology provides superior relevance achieved by its proprietary algorithms for content recognition, image recognition, and in-image object recognition. Alignment of all three, using the company’s unique and patented tagging technology, produces the highest level of relevancy of the ads to the interest of the reader.

PopMarker achieved remarkable engagement results averaging 4.26% click-through-rate (CTR) over the last 80 campaigns, which is completely off the chart compared to 0.1% CTR of standard banner ads.