Lacoste choosed KairosTag to improve customers knowledge by engaging them through their smartphone

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Lacoste manage new customer interactions

Army Of Frogs supports Lacoste’ cross canal strategy to enhance its CRM and sales development, by supplying Kairos Tag platform inside the POS, and we are helping our Client to interact with their customers and their smartphones when they are shopping.

Our solution helps Lacoste to collect data and gain better knowledge of its customers, creating easily thousands of tags to generate never-collected-before customer data.

We are constantly collecting Clients and Prospects opt-in to generate highly qualified fresh data from customers willing to engage with the brand, enriching the CRM database.

In store, we are gathering hyper local feedbacks and analyzing the network performances in real time.

We are also able to create traffic in store, by distributing localized and customized coupons to relevant customers through tags to generate drive to store effect and boost sales.

Easy Tag Management

Brands spend great amounts of money to create digital and physical touchpoints with customers… But these seldom are connected to them. We consider smartphones as the bridge between connected brand touchpoints and engaged customers. Kairos Tag was designed to manage easily networks of thousands of shops. With our platform, generate and manage these shops’ tags has never been so intuitive and easy.

Link the right content to your tags

Thanks to Kairos Tag, you will have the power to change your content at any time, in real time. Your content will constantly match your strategy.

Collaborate with your team and clients

Kairos Tag was designed to be collaborative. You can therefore decide to invite your Clients, your co-workers or anyone to collaborate on you project.

Analyse the performance of your campaign

Once your data is collected, you can visualize and analyze it on our platform: it provides you with a very powerful tool to help decision-making and strategic choices.

Telecom ParisTech signed for Living Actor™




Telecom ParisTech signed for Living Actor™

Army Of Frogs has recommended and settled an Intelligent Virtual Agent into the website of Telecom ParisTech, to facilitate dialogs with students searching information regarding all matters that will influence their choices for the school.

Working with Cantoche Production since the last 10 years, we recommend Living Actor™ Assistant to provide Unique Online User Experiences and Boost Customer Conversion and Satisfaction.

Living Actor™ Assistant is an online authoring and analytics tool that enables you to create and publish your own 3D personalized assistant in just a few minutes for all Web and mobile applications. Living Actor™ products give our Clients direct access to our innovations in user-friendly interfaces and intuitive online tools.
Once published, the assistant answers questions with natural language, voice, and synchronized behaviors using an optional white board to display rich media content.
Living Actor™ Assistant includes powerful back-end analytics that provide a complete picture of your users’ interactions.




PopMarker is an international provider of in-image ad placement and delivery technology. Its Interactive In-Image Advertising Platform is geared for publishers and advertising agencies. The company’s vision is to become a leading provider of global in-image advertising SaaS platform.

PopMarker’s SaaS technology enable publishers and ad agencies to scale up their advertising business literally from zero to hundreds of active campaigns almost overnight.

The PopMarker technology also resolves advertisers’ uncertainty about the Viewability of their ads, by providing this data during the campaign run. Publishers and advertisers have complete control of both the level of Viewability and level of Intrusiveness of their ads.

PopMarker’s technology provides superior relevance achieved by its proprietary algorithms for content recognition, image recognition, and in-image object recognition. Alignment of all three, using the company’s unique and patented tagging technology, produces the highest level of relevancy of the ads to the interest of the reader.

PopMarker achieved remarkable engagement results averaging 4.26% click-through-rate (CTR) over the last 80 campaigns, which is completely off the chart compared to 0.1% CTR of standard banner ads.


Army Of Frogs and Synthesio helps brands find valuable social insights to drive real business value.

Focus on the conversations that matter most to your business, track and measure your online reputation, collaborate and engage in real time, and manage consumer relationships in Social Media in one single, easy-to-use platform.

The role and importance of social listening and engagement is rapidly increasing and it’s imperative that the technology and service offerings keep up with the growing demand for deeper, yet understandable data.

Cut through the social noise, focus on the conversations that matter most to your business, track and measure your online reputation, collaborate and engage in real-time, and manage consumer relationships in social media in one single, easy-to-use platform

Get the right data to the right people at the right time.

Team Collaboration

  • Expand and streamline company wide collaboration
  • Route the right information to departments and systems across your business
  • Prioritize the right data
  • Assign tasks and request validation for sensitive responses

Engage in real-time. Turn insights into action.

Respond in real-time to

  • Create winning customer experiences & improve Customer Retention
  • Drive lead generation and sales
  • Quickly defuse a crisis
  • Protect and build brand reputation

Fabien Tavernier

Pascal d’Hoeraene

Image Sniper.

Pascal is a director and when he shoots it is always Bulls eye! Resulting from his 10-years experience as a fashion photographer. He has also acquired experience in production and in advertising, allowing him to see a project through multiple angles and to apply a different solution to any problem that needs to be resolved, in order to deliver the best shot possible.

Pascal is also a good listener and very creative, he always brings the right mixture to the table to ensure the success of every production he is involved with.

As a director, he has directed over 100 TVC worldwide as well as working on television series, photo exhibitions, art video and short films.