Accurate business

This is no small challenge as with all Early Stage & Established Private Business there is limited or no historical financial data that can be analyzed.

As a result, investing VCs and institutions have to accept a very high level of risk and base their decision-making on their experience of the market, previous investments in similar ventures and to a large extent their intuition and rapport with the founders of the business.

We provide a Company Valuation report based on Corporate Finance Principles that enables you to approach investors on a robust, defensible basis.

We have the experience, the technology, and the right process to generate your high-quality Valuation Report seamlessly, timely, and at the right price. 

We are sector and development stage agnostic.

We help you in funding your business. On one hand, we provide assistance in preparing an investor-ready business plan. We do this in an interactive and iterative process with you. We believe that your knowledge of your business and our expertise of what investors want to see should come together to achieve the best result possible. Once this business plan is ready we promote your business through multiple sources.

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