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Telecom ParisTech signed for Living Actor™




Telecom ParisTech signed for Living Actor™

Army Of Frogs has recommended and settled an Intelligent Virtual Agent into the website of Telecom ParisTech, to facilitate dialogs with students searching information regarding all matters that will influence their choices for the school.

Working with Cantoche Production since the last 10 years, we recommend Living Actor™ Assistant to provide Unique Online User Experiences and Boost Customer Conversion and Satisfaction.

Living Actor™ Assistant is an online authoring and analytics tool that enables you to create and publish your own 3D personalized assistant in just a few minutes for all Web and mobile applications. Living Actor™ products give our Clients direct access to our innovations in user-friendly interfaces and intuitive online tools.
Once published, the assistant answers questions with natural language, voice, and synchronized behaviors using an optional white board to display rich media content.
Living Actor™ Assistant includes powerful back-end analytics that provide a complete picture of your users’ interactions.