Telecom ParisTech

  • Website design, virtual agent on line and Mobile App.
  • On line visualization tool for »custom-built » training.
  • e-Reputation strategy and tactics.

Telecom ParisTech provides « custom-built » training that makes it unique among engineering Grandes Ecoles in France. TPT trains engineers to be able to meet the new challenges of the information society, information and communication sciences, and technologies. TPT engineers have very varied profiles, ranging from general to specialized engineering, and cutting-edge technologies to management.

In the competitive landscape between the French High Schools and Universities, TPT is looking after to keep the best level of students who choose to compete at the entrance examination.

Global analysis of the e-reputation of Telecom ParisTech regarding others French competitors (High schools and Universities).

Strategy for enhancing the client’s share of voice in the social networks. Helping the Communication Department for mobilizing TPT students and Alumni in the cause. Leading the operations of content production and dissemination.

Design of a dynamic and visual system to represent the large possibilities to integrate TPT with « custom-made studies », into the website and on smartphone.

Virtual agent implementation into the website, to facilitate dialogs with students and search of information regarding all matters that will influence their choices for the school.

The exposition and reputation of Telecom ParisTech has improved and the candidates high level of enrollment proved the ROI is positive.