e-Reputation analysis for 2 major food industry brands on the European competitive landscape

Conduct pilot social media research in Europe (German, English, Spanish, French) for 2 categories in Food.

Starting the project with programming the e-reputation platform in collaboration with a leading software editor, our consulting team covered the following services :

  • Quickly alerting our client on any surfacing issue
  • Listening and monitoring for a selection of brands and countries (in German, English, Spanish and French)
  • Deeper analysis on specific topics
  • Proposing ways to engagement with consumers
  1. Bi-weekly report and analysis on two major brands
  2. Software access set up and training of Mondelez internal pilot users
  3. Alert system for any surfacing issues related to brands/countries/specific topics or any other topic related to Mondelez in Europe
  4. Guideline proposal on number and profile of internal users
  5. Guideline proposal for an effective process management for Social Media Special Situation
  6. Report at the end of the pilot on special topic report, analysis, presentation and recommendation on 3 special topics
  7. Proposition of a way to react/engage with consumer based on a specific report or topic analysis delivered