Miss Tattoo World

  • Brand Identity
  • Website design
  • Sponsoring recruitment and partnership development


The big four beauty pageants all forbid visible Tattoos. And they all look the same… Time to reimagine!

MTW Production has been working on the concept, mechanics, logistics, and promotion of Miss Tattoo World.

People are getting Tattooed or are thinking about it : 42% of Americans are tattooed, the trend is upwards, obviously: tattoos are permanent

Tattoos are part of the new “Me-conomy”, as a personal brand, as a deep statement of identity, as a message

On September 24th 2015, a live audience will watch the crowning of Miss Tattoo World for the first time in the history of beauty pageants. No other major beauty pageant allows visible tattoos: Miss Tattoo World is unique, fresh, trendy… and looking for a Title Sponsor.

Brand Architecture. Brand design. Design of the Website. Press campaign. Online campaign.

  • Sponsoring recruitment and partnership development.
  • Casting call launch December 2014.