Piex Group

Consulting services in Fundraising, Brand identity and international registration, Communication & Marketing, Digital transformation and GDPR compliance.

Aware of 21st century’s healthcare and economic issues on the African continent, the new management team aspire to make Piex Group one of the first actors in the distribution of medicines in this region. Accelerating its growth, and more globally the supply of care, with a commitment to traceability for the fight against fake medicines, our Client needed to set solid foundations.

Thus, our creative team was to design a brand identity according to this vision and meanwhile, our digital team was to develop a new website with online e-commerce services for B2B customers.

Our seasoned consultant team had also to imagine a concept store and digital customer journey for the future B2C project of Piex Group.

All these challenges should be managed compliant with GDPR regulation.

Assistance to promote the founders and their vision to select, contact and get involved Investment Funds to support the project, starting with the buy-in of Piex.

Management of seasoned teams (Creatives, CRM & Digital managers), all with a recognized experience of the African continent and field realities, to design the Brand identity, Digital services, Marketing and Communication for Piex Group.

Creative moodboards to inspire the design of the future concept store Elfia™, for Retail development of Piex Group in Africa, working closely with a Design Agency.

e-Reputation optimization relying on content creation, PR, attractive photos & images, and review management.

Monitoring of a Saas platform to detect, anticipate and report changes in the African markets and manage competitive intelligence.

Development of an e-Commerce platform linked to the ERP to facilitate B2B customer journey with online services.

Coaching, project management and training on GDPR compliance with a dedicated software platform.

Mid 2017, LBO France joined the project as lead investor for the buy-in of Piex inviting other financial partners to support the project.

Piex Group has now a brand identity that perfectly fits its ambition with an international registered trademark to support its project development. The achievement of the new website, digital communication, and marketing activities allow promoting the group and its organic and external development.

During these last years, our teams have launched the digital transformation of Piex Group with respect to GDPR laws, which engages today their B2B customers and prepares the conditions for the next step, to expand widely on the African continent crossing Pharma/Healthcare distribution with Retail and healthcare services.