Improve customers knowledge by engaging them through their smartphones


Brands spend great amounts of money to create digital and physical touchpoints with customers… But these seldom are connected to them. We consider smartphones as the bridge between connected brand touchpoints and engaged customers.

Strategy & Operations

Smartphones are the bridge between connected brand touchpoints and engaged customers.

Army Of Frogs supports Lacoste’ cross canal strategy to enhance its CRM and sales development, by supplying Kairostag platform inside the POS, and we are helping our Client to interact with their customers and their smartphones when they are shopping.

Started in the UK, our solution helps Lacoste to collect data and gain better knowledge of its customers, creating easily thousands of tags to generate never-collected-before customer data.


We are constantly collecting Clients and Prospects opt-in to generate highly qualified fresh data from customers willing to engage with the brand, enriching the CRM database.

In store, we are gathering hyper local feedbacks and analyzing the network performances in real time.

We are also able to create traffic in store, by distributing localized and customized coupons to relevant customers through tags to generate drive to store effect and boost sales.