The first cooperative open Telemedecine network, thanks to the quality of its medical project and its organization.

With more than 450 doctors, TeleDiag has become the leading French telemedicine network.

GDPR compliance of the organization and its ecosystem need to be managed carefully.

AOF advised TeleDiag in the GDPR compliance process for its legal entities and also managed several radiology centers of France Imageries, using the Saas platform – Smart Compliance Booster ™ – of our partner Smart Global Governance ™.

Beyond the direct project for TeleDiag legal entities, the goal was to audit and manage different sizes of radiology centers, in order to set frameworks in the platform that will easily extend to the network, simplifying the entire process to align TeleDiag network.

Our mission has made it possible to secure the compliance of the TeleDiag and France Imageries legal entities, in order to be able to apply the framework to the entire network.