Limatech has an ambitious project: to become one of the world’s references in lithium batteries for the aeronautics industry.

The time is right for Limatech to become the leading European supplier of highly secure lithium batteries for the aeronautics industry, and thus guarantee European independence and excellence in this strategic market.

The project is reaching its most capital-intensive stage of development, and Limatech mandated Army Of Frogs to contact VC.

The challenge for many Angel Investors is correctly evaluating the start-up they are intending to invest into. This is no small challenge as with all start-ups there is limited or no historical financial data that can be analyzed.

Army Of Frogs offering addresses and helps in minimizing this risk by benchmarking against successful organizations that have undertaken a similar inception and growth path. Leveraging an experienced Team of Financial Professionals who have dedicated their career to advising start-ups and SMEs on how to grow successfully and rapidly scale their business.

This coupled with a substantial and growing database of new ventures allows us to deliver more accurate and focused valuations.

Armed with a Valuation Report, Limatech can confidently engage potential Investors during the due diligence process and provide greater confidence and peace of mind in the robustness of their financial standing.